Jolene Martin - Drum Magazine photo shoot.

Jolene Martin – Drum Magazine photo shoot.

“Whether you’re an anxious bride, pressurized television anchor or getting ready for an anniversary dinner, having a phenomenal make up artist is of the utmost importance. In Maritsa I have found 2 traits, which I treasure. The first being the inexplicable ability to stay calm and thus keeping me calm despite the most intense and crazy environments we’ve found ourselves in. The second being the great gifting she has in her sphere of art. She has transformed me from ‘girl next door’ to ‘bombshell’ in record timing and this is why I affectionately call her ‘The Wizard’.

When you sit in Maritsa’s chair be assured of the fact that she’ll find your most alluring attributes and enhance them to the point of magical.” Jolene Martin – Television Personality.

Dr Cete Tshume - Hello Doctor

Dr Cete Tshume – Hello Doctor

“To call Maritsa the best make-up artist in the world would an understatement. She has this amazing ability to enhance whatever natural beauty she has to work with and make one uber beautiful with her amazing hands. She worked with me on “Hello Doctor”. Her talent was In getting me ‘tv ready’ yet still look like I had minimal make up on. She can also do her job under pressure while someone else is busy doing my hair wth minimal fuss or stress and the results are always spectacular! I will always choose her for any public event because she is the best!” Dr. Cete Tshume – Hello Doctor.

Dalen Lance - Television Broadcaster

Dalen Lance – Television Broadcaster

“Having worked with many make-up artists in the television business over the course of 12 years… Maritsa has proven herself to be an exceptional talent. Her versatility, coupled with her uncompromising professionalism makes her a dream for any client in industry. She exemplifies the expression… ‘miracle worker’.” Dalen Lance – Television Broadcaster.